Customer Satisfaction Form

Check the appropiate options for the following questions Very good Good Okay Bad Very Bad
1.What is the quality of the services that is offered by Busserk?
2.Can you reach the department easily that you want to get service from it?
3.Are you satisfied with our employees’ approach and behavior?
4.Can we provide solutions for your problems?
5.Are you satisfied with the timing of our planned business?
6.Are you satisfied with the preparation and delivery of your bills?
7.Does the firm comply with the terms of service contracts sufficiently?
8.Are we able to get the necessary information quickly enough when you need it?
9.Do you think the operational and technical information given to you is sufficient?
10.Does our staff show the due care to Occupational Health and Safety?
11.Are adequate precautions taken to avoid environmental pollution during and after service?
12.Would you prefer Busserk again when you need service?
13.Does our website cover your information needs?